March 23, 2023

Supply Chain Spotlight: Bird Construction

Bird Construction - Babcock Leonardo Aircrew Training

Babcock Leonardo Canadian Aircrew Training’s (BLCAT) supply chain stretches from coast-to-coast. Our solution to Canada’s Future Aircrew Training Program (FAcT) is combining international experience and delivering it through exceptional Canadian partners. We’re proud to work with such superior Canadian companies to deliver world class military aircrew training to the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Our supply chain partner series will spotlight some of the leading Canadian companies contributing to BLCAT’s solution, discuss their roots in Canadian communities and share how excited they are to support the next generation of aircrew trainees.

Check out below what Eli Koulack, Bird Construction’s Project Manager, shared about BLCAT’s FAcT bid:

1. What excites you the most about contributing to Canada’s new Future Aircrew Training Program?

What excites me the most is the scale of the FAcT program. On a personal level, major programs of this variety provide great opportunities to grow by encountering new and unique challenges. On a community level, I’m excited as this major program has a site in Winnipeg and one near Portage La Prairie which are both close to home. I can see this program having a lasting impact, similar to a couple of other projects I have worked on, on the community offering both employment and fulfillment for those involved.

2. Tell us about your history working in Canada.

I have worked on a variety of construction projects in Canada from building schools in Saskatchewan via the Joint-Use Schools Project, building a conservatory, and multiple retail projects as well.

3. What positive impact would the FAcT contract deliver to your community?

In the near term it will provide lots of work for tradespeople with future long-term positions for operators. I will also provide a great experience in the prairies for aspiring aircrews.

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