May 16, 2022

Canada’s Leading Aviation and Emergency Management Specialists join the Babcock Leonardo Canadian Aircrew Training team

Ottawa, 16 May 2022 – Babcock Leonardo Canadian Aircrew Training is delighted to announce, The Loomex Group, a leading Canadian aviation and emergency management specialist, as a strategic partner on the bid-team for Canada’s Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) program.

Drawing upon decades of unparalleled international experience, in-depth knowledge, and a proven track record of building and supporting aircrew training solutions, Babcock Leonardo Canadian Aircrew Training will lead the development of a modern Canadian military aircrew training infrastructure, centered on supporting students and instructors, involving local partners, and aligned with Canada’s strategic and economic priorities.

We are delighted that The Loomex Group has joined the Babcock Leonardo Canadian Aircrew Training team. Together we have built an extremely strong team, consisting of strategic partners from coast-to-coast that are recognized leaders in their fields of expertise.

Jana Lee Murray, FAcT Program Director for Babcock Leonardo Canadian Aircrew Training

The Loomex Group is thrilled to be part of the Babcock Leonardo Canadian Aircrew Training team and to have the opportunity to work with such a dynamic group of aviation, training, and defence experts. Babcock Leonardo Canadian Aircrew Training has chosen The Loomex Group because of our high standards and ability to deliver second to none ARFF, Search & Rescue and Emergency Management services. We are proud to support the Future Aircrew Training program for the Canadian Armed Forces and its future aviators and aircrews.

Trent Gervais, President and CEO of The Loomex Group

The Loomex Group

Founded in 2009, The Loomex Group is a fully Canadian owned and operated private company that provides a diverse range of services out of four main divisions: aviation and aerospace, infrastructure and asset management, emergency management, and education and compliance.

The Loomex Group provides services to a variety of clients from across North America, including municipalities, airports, the space and drone sectors, the agricultural sector, First Nation communities, industrial institutions, private industries, and all levels of government.

The Loomex Group is also the parent company to Explorer Solutions Inc. Canada, USA and Europe which offers services to economic development agencies, private sector, government, and Indigenous communities in areas of Economic Studies, Innovation and Industry Cluster Development, Feasibility Studies, Market Analyses along with Emergency Management and Planning, Asset and Infrastructure Management, Education and Compliance. The Loomex Group is also the parent company of aerospace defence contractor ACF & Associates, specializing in aircraft support to government and civilian industry in aerospace in-service support and performance-based operations.

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