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The Canadian Future Aircrew Training Program

The Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) Program looks to renew aircrew training, maintenance and infrastructure services to help Canada maintain a multi-purpose and combat capable air force. The program will include delivery of pilot training as well as aircrew training for Air Combat Systems Officers and Airborne Electronic Sensor Operators — with an expected contract period of 20+ years.

A solution built around experience

Babcock Leonardo Canadian Aircrew Training has decades of experience creating end-to-end military training solutions around the world. This experience, combined with innovative, best-in-class solutions at all levels of military aviation support, allow us to meet every requirement of the FAcT program, manage program transitions, support students and instructors, and enhance quality of life at every touchpoint — all while delivering a robust and efficient flow of Canadian military aircrews.


Babcock Leonardo Canadian Aircrew Training stands committed to innovation and growth. We will continuously evolve and improve delivery of the FAcT Program. Data-driven decision-making and rapid innovations in process and technology allow us to optimize outcomes and experience in all facets of the program.


  • Simulator scheduling availability and downtime reduction
  • Aircraft scheduling, sequencing, availability, and downtime reduction
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Tracking and location
  • Maintenance rationalisation and predictability
  • Documentation and certifications

Real-time data-driven insights

Monitoring, assessing, and providing feedback on human performance with innovative data solutions helps us:

  • Understand how students learn
  • See what affects performance
  • Adapt and customize learning tactics
  • Enable a continual competency development for instructor cadres
  • Adapt standard and optimize content to drive improvements and efficiencies


  • Volume and area optimisation of hangars, accommodations, offices, and training areas
  • Energy consumption and waste management
  • Network and cloud security
  • Data management and information security
  • Access and usage

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